With anger over anger

I am angry, and if it were not enough anger in itself, I am very angry to be angry. My cell phone was Stolen. I was talking on the phone, and a boy (cute), came on a bike and pulled it out of my ear. I was Petrified. A few moments later I imagined possible reactions, as if it were a character of those books in which the reader himself chooses the end that you like: I scream and some neighbor goes to run the boy, he reaches it and they take him prisoner. I fight with the cell so … Continue readingWith anger over anger

Kapas island, Cotton Island

The start Yamir and Amir live minutes from the port of marang, which takes you straight to Kapas island. But never in their life had they gone. I suppose you refer to that lazy thought that being so close you can go at any Time. And that "any time" has the great risk of being transformed into a "never". So I convinced them and they accompanied Me. They stayed two days with me and then they turned. I was going to go back to the third and in the end I stayed eleven. In Kapas there is a super cheap … Continue readingKapas island, Cotton Island

Balvano and the emotional earthquake

For the Western world, historical events are divided as AC or DC happened. And it does not mean that they are alternate or continuous (professional defect), in a moment the facts were divided according to whether they were before or after Christ. That is, the existence of Christ managed to divide the story by generating the Year Zero, from which it can be placed in a timeline all that happens. In Balvano, the people of southern Italy my family is coming from, the fact that marked the story is a strong earthquake that was a catastrophe. When you talk to … Continue readingBalvano and the emotional earthquake

Kuala Terengganu: The City of Open doors

Yes, I found the place where the friendliest people in the world inhabit. After a few days in the Pherentians I realized that I needed a little more of the local culture of Malaysia. I had already experienced it in some way, but I still hadn’t had the chance to live in a real Malayan house. This was how through Couchsurfing I contacted Muhamad Syamil (or Syamil as I said). He is a 24-year-old boy who lives with his family in a typical Kuala Terengganu house. The typical houses are full of wood, elevated with piles and many rooms. Malaysian … Continue readingKuala Terengganu: The City of Open doors

Perhentian Island, Paradise and conscience

Well, and what we were all waiting for. You can’t talk about Southeast Asia without imagining those paradise-level beaches that appear on all the postcards and photos of those who are traveling around these sides. The Perhentian are islands on the east coast of Malaysia. The Perhentians like all the islands on that side of the coast remain closed during the monsoon season that goes from November to February. I speak plural of them because they are two, the big and the small. When I got to the beach I marveled, I had never seen such transparent water and such … Continue readingPerhentian Island, Paradise and conscience

Letter: From woman to Woman

Dear woman; I’m writing because I’m a woman too. And I travel alone. It’s not the same being a woman to be a man here. I really don’t think it’s the same anywhere. I’m not referring to physical differences, I mean social differences. You have to look in front of those differences woman. They exist, they are real. Even if you want to do as no, those differences are. I was one of those who didn’t look at all. The experience is being my great teacher. The need to solve and confront situations in life itself is no longer a … Continue readingLetter: From woman to Woman

Birthday: slap, apple and kiss

I was the weeks before trying to decide where to spend my birthday, until in a moment I let go. Whatever it is. I met in Kuala Lumpur a girl from Malaysia who had never visited Borneo, and decided to join me for a while. We met in Sabah, and it coincided that my birthday happened at Mount Kinabalu. The Kinabalu Mountain is the highest in Southeast Asia, the place has a magic and special power. We decided to stay in a very rustic hostel in the middle of the mountain. There was practically nothing around. Only the park, the … Continue readingBirthday: slap, apple and kiss

Penang: art and loneliness

I arrived in Penang from Putrajaya. When I got on the bus it was almost empty, I sat down and fell asleep. After a while I opened my eyes, the bus had filled with people and they were all standing around me watching me sleep. With the excuse that one of them believed that my seat was his they sat down again. Undoubtedly it was the weirdest and most uncomfortable moment so far! LOL! When you get to Penang station, take the boat to cross to the island. I arrived in Georgetown and immediately loved her! Art, art and more … Continue readingPenang: art and loneliness

Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and human maps

I arrived in Putrajaya at night and Glen was waiting for me at the train station. Jenny put us in touch when she learned that I was going to Kuala Lumpur and Glen invited me to stay at her house and get to know Putrajaya. Glen works in Putrajaya but he is from Costa Rica, which made me reencounter with Spanish for a few days !! Your house is beautiful and very comfortable. And Glen super nice, that’s how the days there were a break from nomadism! I arrived a weekend, which made him have time to show me the … Continue readingKuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and human maps

Melaka and the place where we were born

Have you ever wondered why Europeans managed to colonize Latinos until they almost extinguished them but failed to colonize Asians altogether? Well, I had not asked, so far! Melaka (Malay name) or Malacca (British name), made me question about this. Melaka was a Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese colony. Imagine the variety of architecture and culture that is seen in that city! The houses are of the European colonial style. And at the same time maintains its great Chinatown, several temples, mosques and of course the Catholic Church. That great mishmash between the European and the Asian. In spite of … Continue readingMelaka and the place where we were born